happy blend ! :)

WIP drum kit

Just starting over an old file, a drum kit !

With cycle of coursešŸ˜‰


Pigs !!!

Just messing around with cycle and depth of field:)

Rendering time more than 5 hours (all night)

Gun + cycle !!!


New blender rendering

Blender is working on a new rendering call cycle, this is pretty huge ! Very realistic:)

This is not a “real” render, this is the 3D view with “rendered”

Apples vs Androids

I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it but maybe some shorts anime vs apples and androids.

Here’s Ā the apples

Here’s a 2 sec videošŸ˜‰

Character body WIP

Hey, I continue my character I was doing, I almost done with the body I need to make the hands, and to make proper cloths (just put some quickly with basic texturing) For the render I made the resolution and some config low, because those few seconds took me about one hour to renderšŸ˜‰


With cloth simulation


Flying balloon

Hey, I just followed some tutorials of a great websiteĀ

It’s a very good website to learn blender !

Today I learn how to simply make clouds and balloons so I just made I little wallpaper for android’s fans !!





Wallpaper for android’s fan !

Hey, I finaly finish my exams so I just made a quick wallpaper for me, hope you like it. If you have any idea to add something, tell me:)

Chess – Speed Modelling Challenge

I made a little modelling challenge the subject was “chess” so IĀ decideĀ to make a “water war” theme chess

Alien rendering

I thought of a little story for my alien now there is an other blue one:)

I worked on the rendering texturing and most the lighting… I have a so better render now, but a longer time to rend itšŸ˜‰




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